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The Percheron Horse is said to have had its beginnings in the Le Perche region of France where local mares were mated with Arabian stallions during the 8th century. By the time of the crusades the Percheron was widely recognized as outstanding for his substance and soundness, as well as for his characteristic beauty and style. Percherons were first imported to the US in 1839. They were so popular that by 1930, the government census showed that there was 3 times as many registered Percherons as the other four draft breeds combined. However, after WWII, the invention of the tractor nearly made the breed extinct.

Our Percherons are truly the choice for a versatile companion for working, riding, driving or pleasure! We are committed to preserving the Working Percheron and promoting their use as the finest working draft horse available.


World Champion Farm Team

World Percheron Congress
Lexington VA,
28 Oct 2006

James A Olson, Daughter Lori Volden, with Texas Irean’s Lady and Silver Oaks Sondra

Thank You!

To all those who helped us win the

Percheron World Champion Farm Team,

at the World Percheron Congress,

Lexington, VA Oct 06,

and provided their support and encouragement through out the past year!

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"Jim with Sandy and Lady, winning the Walking Plow!" "Lady and Lori in their first English Riding Class. -We both did our very best. I couldn't have asked anymore from Lady. She is such a wonderful mare!"

All of our family and Friends!


Percheron Association Beginners Driving Clinic, 21-25 April '05

Here are just a few photos of the clinic that was held at Dick and Marie Brown’s Heritage Farm in Hudson, IA.

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   "Jim with students on the Walking plow" "Heather getting pointers" "Jess Johnson of Edgerton, WI getting pointers on Plowing from Jim"


What’s Been Happening!

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World Percheron Congress:

The Hi-light of October 2006 was our trip to Lexington, VA! Our Adventure started out in IA at Dick & Marie Brown’s Heritage Farm along with Wayne Westcott from Missouri. The drive was long but uneventful- except for the beautiful scenery of the VA Mountains! After competing in the Walking Plow, Sulky Plow, Obstacle Course, Log Skid and Heavy Weight Pull, and after the tallying of top points, they finally announced the winner …..the drive back didn’t seem quite so long!


Article in Winter 06 addition of Draft Horse Journal:

 “Jim Olson, The Man From Cannon Valley”, Thank you to Curtis Knoll, of Alma, WI who wrote this wonderful article while recuperating from surgery. Curtis is slowing bringing around a nice pair of fillies and is quickly becoming an accomplished teamster in his own right.


Training Tess:

 After the article came out in the DHJ, the Vinipole’s from Mauston, WI contacted us to train their mare, Tess. Penny and I talked some about the mare and while we really didn’t have plans on breaking outside horses, Penny assured us that while Tess was already an (unbroken) 4 year old, she was very mellow. I seriously had my doubts, but after dad and I discussed it, we agreed to take on Tess- And Tess made her halter debut at the Elroy Fair, where she took 1st place Mare, Grade. Congratulations!

Weddings in Hokah, MN and Viroqua:

We had some beautiful photo opportunities while at a wedding at Como Falls Park, in Hokah, MN


New Barn at Tomah:

The Monroe County fair board decided to reallocate the draft horse portion of the existing horse barn to the 4H for the rabbits, chickens, and Lamas. Due to this eviction notice, and with the sale of the County Farm at Rolling Hill, the Monroe County Draft Horse Club got a new horse barn! It took many hours, and many hands to complete the interior stalls but the finishing touches were complete the night before the fair! Special thanks go out to Brain and Dusty Brooks for their leadership in the whole affair!


Tragedy at the World Clyde Show hits Close to Home:

Those in the draft horse family in Wisconsin are close, and we all (no matter what breed) took pride in the fact that the World Clydesdale show was coming to Madison. The excitement turned to sorrow as we found out of the loss of Devere and Barb Clay and Hope and Erin Briney due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Truly a great loss to the Draft Horse community.


Breaking Fillies:

 It was about time to break the 4 two year olds that had gotten fat and sassy all summer. Despite one small incident that had ended as QUICKLY as it began, all went well with the fillies and all had a handful of drives under their belts before the cold weather set in.


Mischka Draft Horse Calendar in both!

Dad, Lady and Sandy made the small desk calendar (January) and the large calendar! Thanks to Bob Mischka for taking such beautiful photos of Lady and Sandy – he is truly a Master Artist!

On a sadder note, we lost Lou, one of our first Percheron mares this year. She came from an Amish Sawmill as about a 10 year old, and taught me everything I know about driving! In her retirement years, she went to a neighbor’s farm to teach them to drive. She had the patience of a saint and the heart of a lion. We estimated her age at death at approximately 32. She will truly be missed.

12 Percherons on Logging Sled at Todd Burings, Spring Green,  WI 


Meet The Herd


Thanks to Jaeger’s Percheron’s, Charles City, IA, for
making this mare available to us; "Jaeger’s Cierra’s Gemini" a.k.a. "Genni"…She is a joy to be around. “Winner of “Supreme Grand Champion Mare or Filly, All Breeds”, Elroy Fair, June 06”





"Summit Farms Lilly", Sire; Pleasant View Michael. Thanks to Summit Farms Inc, Iowa Farms, IA for making this fine filly available for us.








"Grace is a 4 year old, elegantly refined, grey mare that will make an excellent carriage horse for weddings, and may even turn into a great riding horse!"




"Silver Oaks Sondra" aka "Sandy"







  Buddinskie, aka Muddy Buddy, 4 mo gelding, sure


"Muddy Buddy, 5 year old pony, ruler of the herd, escape artist extraordinaire and friend to all children."






'Goatie giving Grandma ‘Marsh-mellow’ a kiss!’   

‘Lori & Hen ‘ ‘Spoiled, Black Nose, Shop/ farm Dog-Hailey!”


James A. Olson


24418 Co Hwy X

Marc & Lori Volden


9021 Maverick Ave.

Cashton, WI 54619



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